Outdoor lighting demo

The lighting of the garden and the outer areas of life make up the magic of the south.

Who has not come home once in the evening and was aware of the sparse or missing exterior lighting of his own house, especially since one has just returned, for example. came home from a beautifully lit restaurant or outdoor disco.

Most houses have a simple and sometimes loveless lighting around the house. Certainly, many buyers of already built houses want a versatile lighting, as many outdoor areas can not be retrofitted without significant construction costs. For example, when rebuilding, one should not miss the opportunity to make a stylish and future-oriented installation and / or additional pre-installations. For this purpose, a distinction generally has to be made between the garden lighting and the lighting in the house.

In commercial buildings usually lighting professionals are engaged to develop effective and cost-effective concepts from the outer facade to the workplace. But in a private home it is very important for the owner to plan the various areas together with the architect and the gardener. Similar to the color, the lighting has a positive effect and a highlighting effect in the areas of life, which makes them particularly rich in impressions and a vision. A house without color and lighting would be a sad condition and unimaginable in Spain.

In principle, you can divide the exterior lighting into four areas. Orientation and entrance lighting, path and facade lighting, effect and garden lighting and finally the emergency lighting. All are related and planned and used in conjunction.

The entrance lighting should be equipped with motion detectors and intensity controls. The lighting starts at the entrance and goes through the street lighting to the outer wall to the front door and includes the first three areas. Additional lighting circuits for paths and effect lighting can be added. For example, for fountains and trees in the entrance area.

The pathway and facade lighting is to be switched from different interior spaces and a central point in the house. It should be divided into a small and a large circle facade overlapping to distinguish between winter or summer lighting. For this purpose, lighting fixtures of the low vegetation can be included. Important is the illuminance of the wall lighting, which should not be too weak, but also not too bright. It should harmonize with the wall color and surface texture.

The garden and effect lighting is an additional lighting and can illuminate the outside depending on the occasion and preference. But it should be included in the overall concept and not left to the gardener. Wells, waterfalls, sculptures, floors should also be very much appreciated. The reflection of light on elements makes up most of the charm of lighting. These include bright colored walls, light strokes on stone walls, ceilings, swimming pools and the colored lighting of surfaces that appear different during the day.

The security lighting has only the service to feel safer and to give the cameras possibly attached at night the necessary lighting in the outdoor area. The burglar always fears the light and the true sight of such a device repels most of them anyway. But it should not be a dummy.

Last but not least, the costs and the handling have to be considered in the planning. It should always be easy and operable by a layman or a non-expert friend. Building management systems certainly help to control the entire technical effort, but are very expensive and can only be installed by professionals.

Without light, we can not see the most beautiful architecture and the most expensive house does not come out to advantage. Why not plan the other way around and prioritize lighting and color in its southern version.

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