Botho von Oheimb

Perfile Professional

1998 - 2020

Own architectural firm in Mallorca.

  • Architecture, project management.


Constitution of company Botho von Oheimb – Arquitectos S.L.U.

1998 - 2006

Own Architectual firm in Marbella, Spain.

  • Architecture, project preparation.


Schnell & Partner GmbH, Munich.

  • Project leader for planning office. University in Magdeburg, project management: preparation and planning of university in Magdeburg. Fenner & Partner, Potsdam, planning of implementation of office building in Potsdam.

1996 – 1997

ITAG Immobilien – Treuhand - und Vermögensanlage AG, Berlin.

  • Project manager for promotor. Unternehmenszentrale der Berliner Wasser Betriebe, project management, quality control and schedule supervision as well as contract lay-out for the promotion of the building project.

1994 – 1996

Swiss Steiner AG.

  • Project leader for calculating offers, award of the branch of the general contractor Steiner Infratec, Berlin, subsidiary of the Swiss building company steiner AG.

1992 – 1994

München Architectual firma Masterplan

  • Partner of the architectural firm masterplan GmbH, München, planning and building organization for commercial sites, retail trade and redevelopment of old buildings in Dresden.

1986 – 1994

Own Architectural firm in Marbella, Spain.

  • Design and project planning, construction control for hotels, buildings from the tourist industry, private villas, interior and exterior design.

1985 – 1986

Melvin Villaroel Roldan, Marbella

  • Collaborator of the architect’s office Melvin Villaroel Roldan, Marbella, drafts and design of hotels and restaurants, interior and exterior design.